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SliceMate Says: The Big Fat Magento 2 Upgrade


The good, the bad and the gorgeous.

After what seems to be forever with development, Magento 2 was made available to the world after numerous upgrades and niggle fixes. Now, seeing through a sizeable number of PSD to Magento 2 projects, we’ve gathered much of our impressions to speak on, and that’s just we’re going to be doing now. Here’s what the greyheads on SliceMate have got to say, and their impressions working with Magento 2.


The Good

We’ve seen what the previous version of Magento was like, and we’ve worked with quite many projects now that have called for a Magento implementation. As soon as we got the word on the new update rolling out, we’d let our thoughts go optimistically- well, it is an update after all. When the day came that we could actually have a hands-on experience of what the Magento 2 would actually pan out to be, we were not disappointed- there were plenty of good bits in the one that came water. Here are some of the feelgoody factors that our developers took a liking to, playing around the new version:


Feasible, Flexible

Almost immediately, you’d be a surprised as a developer when you realise the kind of flexibility that the version 2.0 offers over its predecessor- with the ability to focus the infrastructure to just about any way as desired by the project, the new Magento just got game. We’ve seen that with the newer version of Magento, components within the project may be assigned a separate entity and infrastructure.


Plus Performance

Well, this is something that can be said in a very ‘interlinked’ sort of manner- because of the architectural flexibility of the build components, developers can adopt to better build strategies along the development of the project, which may aid in better server response time and also provide better rendering speeds by the browser, ultimately giving the end user a better experience.


More on the Modern Tooling

Magento 2 gives developers a choice of better strategies and approaches, by means of a more modern tooling. It adopts a lot of newer technologies, such as with the Varnish. These integrations calls for better optimisation of resources and improved performance.


The Bad

You probably knew this was coming, well, as a two sides to the same coin sorts of thing, atleast. Well, we’ve told you how it can be an all good thing for developers and more importantly, to the end users, now here we give you a glimpse of the disadvantages that our developers could nitpick on.



Compared to the earlier 1.x versions, we’ve come to ascertain that working around with the version 2 has been somewhat more intricate. If you’re a developer, almost immediately you’d come to realise how the ‘landscape’ is different from the passing version. However, we’re optimistic that this could just be one of those things that would take a little getting used to, that it would only be a matter of time before we’d get in the zone with the new version.



Since Magento 2 is relatively newer, developers all over the world are only in the process of getting comfortable with their new code surroundings, and this could mean slightly higher set-up costs.


Hosting issues

From what we’ve been able to gather, the version 2 is rigged up in such a way that the admin panel has to be handled by a somewhat more professional admin, owing to the somewhat more complex management technologies implemented in the new system.


But then, the Gorgeous.

Yes, the gorgeous- because we’d like to look at the picture ahead, and with the kind of features and technology that Magento has implemented in the newer version, they’re certainly bent on getting ahead on the curve. In spite of all its complexities, we’ve come of the opinion that more and more developers all over the world would still come flocking to the Magento 2 because of its sheer potential, and the scalability and strategies that can be implemented with it to suit just about any enterprise.

Well, to summarise our thoughts, it would only be a matter of time before all the existing websites backed by the 1.x Magento version would slowly shed skins for the newer 2. When you’re going to be deciding on getting that much needed version revamp to stay in sync with the times, we’d love to help you out, so come chat with us or give us a ping on and our well seasoned developers will be right by your side to see your enterprise to your sparkling new Magento website.

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