Design to Responsive HTML

Our professional team will convert your fairly designed layout into clean, W3C valid, semantically, SEO optimized and cross browser compilant Design to Responsive HTML code. With each Design to Responsive HTML project, we deliver a structured, semantic and valid xHTML/CSS and covert your designs into functional websites that are cross-browser compatible and search engine friendly. And also we will convert your design to Responsive HTML with affordable rates. Our Design to Responsive HTML codes are 100% pixel perfect and will be delivered within quick turnaround time.

Why Responsive?

Gives Better User Experience

One of the main advantage of responsive web design is, it maximize the user experience on different devices. The users find it much easier to go and use the websites they are customized for the device they are using.

Social Sharing

In case, if someone on a desktop computer share the links on the social networking site but the other person who browse the website cannot open that in mobile device; normally.But in the responsive web design you never face this problem; you can easily open the link in your mobile and can share the same on the social networking sites.

New Devices

Since, responsive web design can easily adapt themselves according to the screen size, you need not to worry about creating a whole new site; every time a new screen sized device is introduced in the market by the manufacturer.

Gives Good SEO

With a responsive web design you will create only one URL for all kind of devices. Due to that your Search Engine Optimization will not get diluted with different URLs. So, you can easily improve the SEO ranking for your website.

Web Tracking/Analytics

As I have already mentioned, the responsive web design uses a single URL. Due to that, instead of analyzing the data from each different websites, a single URL makes the tracking of website very easier.

Google Endorsed The Responsive Web Design

Recently, Google encourages the responsive web design for their mobile sites. By using responsive web design; it is easy for the Google to rank the websites in it’s search results.

Why Pick HtmlSlicemate for Your Responsive Project?