PSD to Responsive HTML

With the advent of hand-held smart devices, it is estimated that there is now almost two billion internet users globally, about 70% of them who resort to using it on a daily basis. With a Responsive Web Design, the overall consistency of the website is now improved- With the use of a standardised style sheet structure and a seamless, blended overall design, there is no need of a redirection.Gone are the days when you had to individually manage the web content that was to be exquisitely dealt for each device- now, with a responsive system, all you have to do is to manage it by making changes over a single administrative interface which has the right tools for workflow management and the changes would be immediately reflected on and optimised for any device.

HTMLSliceMate offers you PSD to Responsive Web Development conversions with cross-device compatibility- with Media Query Implementation and SEO friendly coding, you get impeccable codes that are supported across a variety of devices.

The SliceMate Responsive Edge

  • Realistic and original design with pixel-perfect conversions
  • Comprehensive cross-browser and cross-device compatibility
  • W3C validated to be fully compliant with existing Web Policies
  • Manual coding to address each aspect and functionality exquisitely
  • Appropriately commented mark-ups and well laid structure
  • Easily integrable with existent Content Management Systems (CMS)

Why HTMLSliceMate