PNG to Magento

If you have a PNG Design for your website and are looking to convert it into a Magento , then all you need to do is to send us the design or the layout files. We will convert the PNG to Magento(Adobe Fireworks to Magento)  which is SEO friendly and cross browser compatible website. This is a highly reputed company that has been offering high quality and unique PNG to magneto(Fireworks to Magento) conversion services for more than 5 years. Indeed, we are experienced in the industry and you will defintely be satisfied with our PNG to Magento(Adobe Fireworks to Magento) conversion services. We have dedictated staffs who will work on the PNG to Magento(Fireworks to Magento) services and make sure that everything goes accordingly beyond your expectations.

Why Magento?


Mobile shopping sites using Magento

Magento has the features to develop mobile shopping sites which is a mobile web theme. Web applications are not device oriented as like Native applications, it works with all the devices which has an internet connection. HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS technologies are used to develop mobile web applications. One perfect Magento mobile shopping site can help an online shopping business to generate leads through smartphone users of any platform (Android, iOS, Windows etc,).

Mobile Application Integration

Mobile commerce applications acts as a trendsetter for next generation shopping experience. It brings you more business opportunities and so develop your own mobile commerce applications, before your competitors do it. Once when the mobile site/application is developed, the next step is to integrate it with the existing store applications. Magento is flexible enough to integrate your existing store database with all the available mobile applications.

Open source

Magento is free ecommerce platform which uses open source technologies and programming languages. Its community edition is available for free and for lower budgetary entrepreneurs its worth going with it. Magento community edition offers all the essential features needed to set up a business successfully.

Easy to use and very user friendly admin

User friendly administrator area is available in all versions. Easy to use back-end with all the must have features offers amazing management and intuitive navigation as well.

Vast community supports

Magento has vast community support of expert Magento developers who have contributed in developing number of extensions and also offer support. It is very easy to find solutions or help for Magento website due the wide community support.


Magento theme structural design is fully customizable which means you can shape it exactly in the way you want. You will get the full control over the codes so you can add the functionalities you want by making necessary modification.

Why Pick HtmlSlicemate for Your Magento Project?