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Why Magento?



Minimal for the free Community Edition (CE), but eBay did buy Magento as the eCommerce platform of choice for their forthcoming X.commerce suite. If code were stock, the half Magento community would be wealthy.


Although it may seem over-architected (as Rob Smith mentioned), never before have I worked with a system powerful enough to meet my every need. Magento is built to scale from 1 to a million, avoiding common pitfalls for developers. Code re-use, maintainability, debugging, support, etc. are all huge, expensive problems that eCommerce solutions providers must tackle. Magento makes them all a breeze.

Flexible Template System

Magento clearly seperates functionality and layout. This makes it possible that the look of the Magento shop can be adjusted to custom needs or to the specifications of the CD.

Large Community

A large, international and very industrious community has evolved around Magento which, together with Magento Inc., develops new extensions and features. There are more than 2,500 extensions which accomodate for many additional features which can realize the even most exotic requirements.

Mobile Application Integration

Mobile commerce applications acts as a trendsetter for next generation shopping experience. It brings you more business opportunities and so develop your own mobile commerce applications, before your competitors do it. Once when the mobile site/application is developed, the next step is to integrate it with the existing store applications. Magento is flexible enough to integrate your existing store database with all the available mobile applications.

Open source

Magento is free ecommerce platform which uses open source technologies and programming languages. Its community edition is available for free and for lower budgetary entrepreneurs its worth going with it. Magento community edition offers all the essential features needed to set up a business successfully.

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