Magento is a powerful E-commerce platform that makes starting your own online-store fast and affordable. We offers you 100% pixel perfect, cross-browser compatible JPG to Magento Services with affordable prices. HTMLSliceMate offers you a comprehensive Magento website development service portfolio to address your each and every project needs, our portfolio mainly comprises of JPG To Magento Conversion, Adobe Fireworks to Magento Integration, Template Customization, Custom Magento Extension Development, Magento Plug-In Development, Custom Module Development, Template Modification & Installation, Integrating third-party modules and many more.

Why Magento?JPG to Magento


Mobile shopping sites using Magento

Magento has the features to develop mobile shopping sites which is a mobile web theme. Web applications are not device oriented as like Native applications, it works with all the devices which has an internet connection. HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS technologies are used to develop mobile web applications. One perfect Magento mobile shopping site can help an online shopping business to generate leads through smartphone users of any platform (Android, iOS, Windows etc,).

Work becomes easier for developers

Magento makes it easier for the developers to manage and update the web content. It helps the developer in many ways like adding new pages, updating the pages, linking the pages with the main navigation or sub-navigation.

Wide range of functionalities

Magento is famous for the number of functionalities it offers. Everyone knows about its extensive analysis, report and product management systems, mobile version or the payments system. It’s interesting how the script allows for running several stores at one time from one administration panel. Another example of Magneto’s extraordinary capabilities is the ability to set a template for a given product that will make this product to present to a client differently than other products at the same time period.


Magento provides a wide range of extensions.

OOPS concepts

Magento is totally based on the OOPS concepts.


Magento theme structural design is fully customizable which means you can shape it exactly in the way you want. You will get the full control over the codes so you can add the functionalities you want by making necessary modification.

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