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Why Magento?Illustrator to Magento


Work becomes easier for developers

Magento makes it easier for the developers to manage and update the web content. It helps the developer in many ways like adding new pages, updating the pages, linking the pages with the main navigation or sub-navigation.

Wide range of functionalities

Magento is famous for the number of functionalities it offers. Everyone knows about its extensive analysis, report and product management systems, mobile version or the payments system. It’s interesting how the script allows for running several stores at one time from one administration panel. Another example of Magneto’s extraordinary capabilities is the ability to set a template for a given product that will make this product to present to a client differently than other products at the same time period.


You can’t have a good support without a large community of users who, among others, contrubute to discussion boards. Suffice to say, Magento’s technical support is very good.


There are scritps that can lead a programmer developing it to a dead end. Limited capabilities of the script won’t allow for creating advanced websites. This is not the case with Magento. Although the PHP code is extensive, carefully thought out architecture allows for practically unlimited expansion capabilities.

Additional functionalities

The script features many built-in functionalities, but still there are plenty additional ones that can be installed in Magento. Many of those are professionally written, but they are also chargable. It’s worth noticing that there is a more developed paid version of Magento (that grants access to a high priority tech support), but still the free version is loaded with lots of functionalities to begin with.


The script code has a big SEO potential. Very few of the free online shopping cart scritps are written with such consideration for those optimizing the code this way.

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