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Why Magento?Design to Magento



Minimal for the free Community Edition (CE), but eBay did buy Magento as the eCommerce platform of choice for their forthcoming X.commerce suite. If code were stock, the half Magento community would be wealthy.


Although it may seem over-architected (as Rob Smith mentioned), never before have I worked with a system powerful enough to meet my every need. Magento is built to scale from 1 to a million, avoiding common pitfalls for developers. Code re-use, maintainability, debugging, support, etc. are all huge, expensive problems that eCommerce solutions providers must tackle. Magento makes them all a breeze.

Out-of-the-box feature set

Magento handles concepts properly and in an organized manner. Stock Magento comes with Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundled, Virtual and Digital Products. You can use it to sell amusement park tickets and digital music at the same time, without any extensions.
Extensions. You knew it was coming. If Magento doesn’t already do it, go find someone else who already has. 90% chance it’s already available, and most of these extensions are dirt cheap (unless you’re looking for integration with, say, an ERP).

Larger eCommerce Websites

Magento shopping cart is the best eCommerce framework to develop multi stores. Magento leads the ranking for best eCommerce framework with 24.8% of all online shopping cart websites running with the help of Magento. One of the major advantage of Magento is it’s flexibility to suit for all online businesses ranging from smaller eCommerce websites to large multinational online businesses such as Harvey Nichols and Samsung. Many companies have started using the platform which makes it more powerful in the global marketplace.

Develop mobile shopping website using existing Magento store

Mobile commerce has grown wisely in the recent years and many of the Online shopping businesses are looking to build a Mobile Commerce website for them. Many mobile commerce related surveys says that, buyers through smartphones has increased twice than the previous year. People scroll through websites on tablets, smartphone, notebooks and other web-enabled mobile devices to find out products and services online. Magento acts as a flexible platform to design, develop and integrate mobile applications with the existing store.

Magento Responsive theme for mobile web browsers

Responsive theme can respond to all of your web browsers to enhance user experience as well as the capability to scale itself to the size of the mobile device. Smartphones and tablet users can view your website, and the website will be fit to the screen, re-sizing content images, and being ultimately flexible to the screen. This will ultimately help you to generate more consumers to your online shopping business. Magento has a extraordinary framework which is flexible enough to design and develop a responsive shopping cart website with ease.

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