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Why Skeleton?


Responsive Grid Down To Mobile

Skeleton has a familiar, lightweight 960 grid as its base, but elegantly scales down to downsized browser windows, tablets, mobile phones (in landscape and portrait). Go ahead, resize this page!

Fast to Start

Skeleton is a tool for rapid development. Get started fast with CSS best practices, a well-structured grid that makes mobile consideration easy, an organized file structure and super basic UI elements like lightly styled forms, buttons, tabs and more.

Style Agnostic

Skeleton is not a UI framework. It’s a development kit that provides the most basic styles as a foundation, but is ready to adopt whatever your design or style is.

Media Queries

Skeleton uses a lot of media queries to serve the scalable grid, but also for the convenience of styling your site on different size screens. Skeleton’s media queries are almost exclusively targeted at max and min widths rather than device sizes or orientations.


The typography of Skeleton is designed to create a strong hierarchy with basic styles. The primary font is the classic Helvetica Neue, but the font stack can be easily changed with just a couple adjustments. Regular paragraphs are set at a 14px base with 21px line height.


Forms can be one of the biggest pains for web developers, but just use these dead simple styles and you should be good to go.

Why Pick HtmlSlicemate for Your Skeleton Project?

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