Gumby  is an amazing responsive CSS Framework. Websites built today must be mobile friendly in order to survive. So, we offer you one of the best PSD to Gumby conversion service to make a website more mobile friendly. In our PSD to Gumby conversion process, it helps to improve the SEO-friendly nature. HTMLSliceMate is the best web oriented company which specializes in rendering hand-coded online PSD to Gumby Conversion solutions. We convert your PSD to Gumby which is high quality, cross-browser compatible markup. We call this process “PSD to Gumby”. We offer our clients a 100% satisfaction and a strict non-disclosure policy.

Why Gumby?


Flexible, Familier, Refined

Fluid-Fixed layout self-optimizes for desktop and mobile resolutions. Gumby Framework defaults to a 960 footprint. Designers and coders rejoice. And also it is engineered to be there when you need it, and get out of your way when you don’t.

Multiple, Nestable, Grids

Gumby Framework includes multiple types of grids with different column variations which enables you to be flexible throughout an entire project’s lifecycle. From concept to deployment, Gumby Framework follows your lead.

Design is easy again

What we liked the least about other CSS frameworks was that none of them included any design templates. Our designers were left out in the cold, flying blind. No more! Gumby Framework includes templates and a UI Kit for your designers.

Pliable Grid

The Grid lets you lay out pages quickly and easily in a natural, logical way. The Gumby Framework’s grid system can be customized and molded to fit your every need — it’s easily adapted to any screen size or application. The possibilities are endless; the results are extraordinary.

Rapid Prototyping

Inside of the framework, we’ve packaged up tons of styles and common interface elements to help you quickly put together functional prototypes. Toss together some quick layouts using the included forms, buttons, tabs, and pure CSS dropdowns — then customize away!

Pocket Sized

The Grids built into Gumby Framework let you quickly put together page layouts for mobile devices and the desktop. You don’t need two different sites — create a rock-solid experience on all kinds of devices with the exact same markup. From iPods to IMAX, build great experiences that fit any screen.

Why Pick HtmlSlicemate for Your Gumby Project?

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