Blueprint is a CSS framework designed to reduce development time and ensure cross-browser compatibility when working with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Our PSD to Blueprint service serves as a foundation for many tools designed to make CSS development easier and more accessible to beginners. HTMLSlicemate team creates the pixel precise conversion of PSD to Blueprint theme for your website. Converting your PSD to Blueprint, which is compatible with all leading browsers could be quiet easy for you with our team. We have specilaized coders for Blueprint who can convert PSD to Blueprint themes/templates.

Why Blueprint?


An easily customizable grid

This file handles the grid layout portion of blueprint. We will have a look at the classes that it uses in a bit. One important thing to note with the grid, by default it uses a width of 950px, with 24 columns each having a width of 30px and a 10px margin between columns.

Sensible default typography

This file sets up some nice default typography. I won’t explain all of the styles but I will say that this is my favourite parts of Blueprint because, to me, there is nothing more discouraging than trying to lay out a page and seeing some black Times New Roman text jammed up into the top left corner of a page.

Perfected browser CSS reset

This file sets sensible defaults across all browsers. I’m sure we are all familiar with starting a new project, going to our main CSS file and adding a few default styles to the body selector, such as ‘margin: 0; padding:0; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;’ or something along those lines.

A stylesheet for printing

This file sets some default print styles, so that printed versions of your site looks better than they usually would. The print.css file also has an option where you can fill in your domain name so that relative links are shown in parentheses behind the text link in the printed version of your page.

IE Compatibility

Blueprint supports IE, so of course it needs it’s own specific stylesheet to take care of those little details that makes IE so special. The nice thing is that Blueprint does handle this for you, so all of its core styles will work in all of the major browsers.


This provides nice looking default forms as well as classes for error notifications or even flash notifications if you are using something like Rails.

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