PSD to 960 Grid System

The 960 Grid system is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions, based on a width of 960 pixels. We can convert your PSD to 960 Grid system with quick turnaround time. HTMLSliceMate, as a custom web development company, we honed our skills in different conversion services like PSD to 960 Grid system to deliver excellent solutions to clients. We are experts and have confidence in converting PSD to 960 Grid system. Our PSD to 960 service serves as a foundation for many tools designed to make development easier and more accessible to beginners.

Why 960 Grid System?


A grid ensures consistency between webpages, which reduces CSS coding errors and ensures reliable HTML placement. Furthermore, many grids have built-in browser compatibility, which makes user testing a much more manageable task.

Reduced Coding

It’s easier to produce sleek and professional looking pages with grid systems. You’re not coding from scratch, and that’s a lot of time saved. Also, if you decide in the future to reposition elements or make sweeping design changes, the grid makes iterating interfaces faster and easier.


Incorporating sub-grids within your existing grid (a process called nesting) is relatively simple and opens the door for complex and visually stimulating layouts. Grids also more or less eliminate the need for nested HTML tables, which are significantly trickier.

Structural Control

In addition to helping visually organize elements, a grid system also offers a great deal of visual and structural control over your page. It makes it easier to create magazine-style layouts or online creative portfolios, which would be a nightmare to code from scratch and hard to visualize. Elements like text callouts are also easier to produce and place.


With all the different devices that are available on the market and the wide variety of platforms that they operate on, it is impossible to anticipate how a potential client will view your website. A responsive grid system is flexible and based on percentages rather than pixels. Most importantly, it can be configured to scale up or down, depending on the screen size it is being viewed on.


Design is a rapidly evolving and dynamic field. And whatever grid it is that you’re using, it’s got to be modifiable. You should be able to adjust things like gutter size with relative ease and thus have more time to allocate to more important things, like the actual design process.

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