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Why HTML5?


Thread-like Operation

Web workers is a tool for spawning background threads to speed up the browse application processing. The API allows developers to make background workers that run scripts simultaneously to the main page script. This allows for faster thread-like processing with coordination via message-passing mechanisms.

Smarter forms

HTML 5 offers enhanced forms with improvements to text inputs, search boxes and other fields and provides better controls for validating data, focusing, interaction with other page elements on the page and various other improvements.

Sharper focus on Web application Requirements

HTML 5 is aimed at making it easier to build search front-ends, wikis, real-time chat, drag-and-drop tools, discussion boards and many other modern web elements into any site, and have them work more efficiently.

The Rise of WebApps

First, the language is being built around WebApps, small focused applications that can run on a browser or as a mobile application. The new version of HTML has features like offline storage or the ability to handle data even when the app is no longer connected to the internet, geo-location or the ability to detect and work with the location of the user as well as excellent rich media support, providing easy to implement audio and video elements.

More descriptive semantics

The original goal of HTML was to develop a language that could describe the structure of a document. As the web grew, developers realized that oftentimes they were describing the same types of elements. For example, a header, a footer, nav, articles, sections, etc. HTML5 recognizes where the language has developed and incorporates those elements into the language with new tags for that type of content.

Richer Media Elements

One of the great new improvments in HTML5 is the development of rich media tags like audio and video. Fully programmable with JavaScript, these tags offer incredible ease of use while also offering powerful flexibility through extensive access to media elements through programming.

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