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HTML is easy to use and understand

Almost anyone in the web development business would know HTML – be it a freelancer or a large agency. If at any point in time you need to hire the services of a different web design firm or professional for making changes or updates to your website, it would be relatively easy to find cost-effective and affordable solution providers who can make the changes you need to your website.

All browsers support HTML

Almost – if not all – browsers support HTML. Certainly more browsers support HTML than any other web programming language. As a result, when you build a website using HTML, it would show up on most browsers around the world, as long as the programmer takes care to optimize the website for the most commonly used browsers. Optimizing an HTML based website for browser compatibility is neither difficult nor complex.

Search engine friendly pages

Clean and simple code enables search engines to crawl your pages more quickly and completely.

Faster Loading

If your web page contains HTML errors it will take a longer time for the search engines to crawl it, therefore slowing the loading time. If your page doesn’t load in under 10 seconds your visitors may click away to your competitors’ sites.

Simple to Add Applications and Links

In order to market your company even better to viewers, HTML makes it easy to add applications and links to each of your videos. These are effective tools for improving user interaction, delivering additional information and for promoting other products.

Easily Styled to Fit Your Preferences

HTML5 video is easy to customize and style to fit your needs. Of the many design options available for this type of video, some include changing the reflections, gradients and border. You can also change the opacity, transitions, animations and create unique transformations.

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