We provide hand-coded conversion of your Adobe Indesign to HTML which are having high quality, W3C valid xHTML/CSS in very affordable rates with quick turnaround time. HTMLSliceMate have been delivering quality markup, 100% human coded to the clients across the world with high accuracy, pixel perfect Adobe Indesign to HTML which is highly professional , cross browser compatible and fast loading. We have a great expertise in working with Adobe Indesign to HTML. We comply with the latest standards of Adobe Indesign to HTML coding to render SEO semantic, W3C compliance and compatibility with all the major web browsers.


Indesign to HTML

HTML is all you need

The operative word in defining your website functionality is “need”. It is easy to conceptualize an extremely high-end website with a wish-list of features and functionality, but is it essential for your small or growing business? In most cases, business websites do not need advanced functionality that would justify the need for programming technologies or content management systems, given the extra cost of development.


Due to usability purpose the websites made by developers are highly interactive nowadays and for this developers need to include fluid animations, stream video, play music and Social Network sites like Facebook and Twitter into the websites. Till now they have only the option to integrate it with the help of Flash or Silverlight, Flex or Javascript like tools. But these consume so much time to develop and even the complexity of web application also increased. But now with the help of HTML5 it is possible to embed video and audio, high quality drawings, charts and animation and many other rich content without using any plugins and third party programmer as the functionality is built into the browser.

Cleaner markup / Improved Code

HTML5 will enable web designers to use cleaner, neater code, we can remove most div tags and replace them with semantic HTML5 elements.

Improved Semantics

Now it is easy to see which parts of the page are headers, nav, footers, aside, etc as the tags are specific for these all and most importantly know what their meaning and purpose is in whole the format. By using HTML5 elements we can increase the semantic value of the web page as the codes are very standardized.

Elegant Forms

HTML5 enables designer to use more fancier forms. Even it makes form validation native to HTML, User interface enhancements and reduced need for JavaScript (only needed in browsers that don’t support form types). There will be different type of text inputs, search and different fields for different purpose.


As websites adopt the new HTML5 elements we will see more greater consistency in terms of the HTML used to code a web page on one site compared to another. This will make it more easier for designers and developers to immediately understand how a web page is structured.

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