PSD to MailChimp

At HTMLSliceMate.com, our experienced and dedicated PSD to MailChimp conversion experts can convert PSD to MailChimp Email Templates that is compatible across all Mobile Devices and Email Platforms, including Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook etc.

Apart from this, our PSD to MailChimp conversion team also cross-checks browser compatibility so that emails can be read on their respective browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome.

Supported Email Clients:

Apple Mail 5 (OS X 10.7), Apple Mail 6 (OS X 10.8)

Lotus Notes 7 (Windows XP), Lotus Notes 8 (Windows XP), Lotus Notes 8.5 (Windows Vista)

Outlook 2000 (Windows XP), Outlook 2002/XP (Windows Vista), Outlook 2003 (Windows XP), Outlook 2007 (Windows XP), Outlook 2010 (Windows Vista) , Outlook 2011 (OS X 10.7), Outlook 2013 (Windows 7), Outlook.com (Chrome), Outlook.com (Explorer), Outlook.com (Firefox), Outlook.com (Android Browser), Outlook.com (iOS 7)

Thunderbird 3.0 (Windows XP), Thunderbird latest (Windows 7)

AOL Mail (Chrome), AOL Mail (Explorer), AOL Mail (Firefox)

Gmail (Chrome), Gmail (Explorer), Gmail (Firefox)

Gmail (Android Browser), Gmail App (Android 4.0), Gmail (iOS 7)

Yahoo! Mail (Chrome), Yahoo! Mail (Explorer) , Yahoo! Mail (Firefox)

Android 2.3 (Android 2.3), Android 4.0 (Android 4.0)

iPad (iOS 6), iPad Retina (iOS 7), iPad Mini (iOS 7) 

iPhone 4s (iOS 6), iPhone 5 (iOS 6), iPhone 5s (iOS 7)

Windows Phone 8


Why MailChimp?


It’s free

Currently, you can have up to 2,000 email subscribers on your list, and send up to 12,000 messages for month, and send for free. The pricing for larger lists, and more frequent mailings, is very reasonable.

It integrates with Facebook

It’s a great marketing opportunity to offer your Facebook fans a reminder that you can also keep in touch with good old fashioned email, and you an have email subscription as part of your Fan page.

Social integration

This is where it gets properly Big-Brother scary. MailChimp will pull data from all the major social networks, and let us know your Twitter handle, Facebook identity, how many friends you have, and your inside leg measurement.

It has an amazing library of Resources

Whether you need a beginner’s guide or want to learn about advanced techniques, the MailChimp Resource Centre has something for everybody. Beautifully written, clear and easy, they have put alot of effort into their user guides.

Split testing

Do you want to learn if one message sells well, or if another message sells better? Then you need to use split testing

Mobile marketing

We are looking forward to trying the MailChimp app for my Blackberry (or iPhone) and in particular, using the iPad app at exhibitions to get visitors to sign up for our newsletter even when there isn’t Internet access.

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