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Why Drupal ?


Drupal CMS is multi-featured CMS and has all the necessary features that a webmaster or a blogger may need to create an impressive website. The most commonly liked features of Drupal CMS include- system administration menu management, RSS-Feeds, maintenance, user account registration and page layout customization. These features of Drupal CMS enable a user to create any kind of website right from a simple personal blog to a professional ecommerce website.


A programming methodology may not seem like a business case argument, but actually Drupal’s extensibility means that it is usually not necessary to rebuild a website when new features need to be added. The modularity and extensibility also facilitates the option of phases during development in order to break down cost into manageable portions.

Drupal’s flexibility

A Drupal CMS will be capable of virtually any requirement you have of your website in the future. It is inherently more flexible than virtually any other CMS. A Drupal CMS will future-proof your business’s presence on the internet.

Excellent Content Creation

Drupal CMS main attraction is its feature of excellent content creation. The user can add many of the different and useful modules like polls, videos, management, blogs, revision controls, podcasts and videos in their blogs with Drupal CMS.

Intelligent web publishing

Plenty of websites publish ‘structured data’ – not just in the form of products. A project list, testimonials, staff lists and archives are obvious examples.


Drupal has several different security measures and tokens for securing the content display, module implementations and form submissions. The admin page of Drupal displays all different functionalities available for the site and each is organized according to category with essential descriptions and guidelines for the users.

Why Pick HtmlSlicemate for Your Drupal Project?