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Why Drupal ?JPG to Drupal


Drupal scales effortlessly and is stable even when serving thousands of users simultaneously.

Drupal is Flexible and Easy to Extend

With Drupal, building an impressive website from scratch is simple and straight-forward. It requires less programming than the other CMS’s. More than this, it is easier to add new features and even reshape Drupal website from a simple presentation site to a web application. You do not need to implement everything again from the scratch just to change something simple – you just make the change.

Drupal is Reliable, Efficient and Robust

Drupal is very well known for its meticulously crafted and well-designed code. The design structure of Drupal empowers the Drupal developers to write a code that uses the system resources wisely. This means the speed issues and concurrence problems are not likely to come into consideration in everyday work.

Security Aspects

Most of the people do not think that security is something that they should be bothered with. Unfortunately, they are wrong. There are people around this world that use their time and energy to attack web sites, and the consequences for you could range from loss of business to legal liability.


The script has several thousands of plugins available on its website. Since Drupal is an Open Source, you can use as well as create your own plugins.

Developer Friendly

The basic Drupal installation is fairly bare-bones. Developers are encouraged to create their own solutions. While this doesn’t make it very friendly for lay users, it promises a range of possibilities for developers.

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