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How To Dress Up Your Website This Christmas

Christmas Decorations on Website


This festive season, it’ time to bring some festive cheer to your website- here at HTMLSliceMate, we give you a few pointers on how you can dress up your website to stay in tune with the season’s cheerful colours.

So, it’s that time of the year again- the skies are tinged with the hazy shades of winter, ringing with the sleepy lull of carols in the air. When homes and hearts are set to the warmth of the coming together of loved ones, and shop fronts are set ablaze to the merry whirl of a myriad of colours to capture the festive shopping crowds. So when everything around you jives to the season’s swings, why not give your website, your digital entity before the world some little festive touches? Here, we discuss the little bits and bytes that you can use to give your website that much appreciated Christmas charm.


Let it snow Christmas Snow Effect

What could possibly be better than a little snow to give that wintery feel to your digital spaces! Applying a snowing animation effect with subtle touches to certain web elements would really set the festive mood to your website- these could include snowing effects to buttons, to logos and to other relevant bits along the pages.

Take a look at how you can go about the whole snowing ordeal right here:


Decorative bits and pieces Christmas Decorations

Decorative bits are the seasonal stuff you’d ever need to tell your audience that you’re in sync with the times -floating images of Christmas hallmarks such as baubles, stockings, tinsels, stars and even a tiny Christmas tree are all great ways to spruce up your website in Christmas colours. Another cheerful touch would be to portray Christmas characters such as Santa, snow men, reindeer etc, or if your company already has a mascot, tinker around and dress it up to give it a merry seasonal charm.

Here’s where you can get a glimpse on the decorative graphics that you could use for your website:


AniMagic Christmas Animations

Another fabulous way to add some lovely liveliness to your web festivities would be to give it a few motion wiggles here and there- yes, we’re talking about subtle animation touches! With the judicious use of animations, you’re on the sure path to get some mesmerised eyes head over to your website. Be sure to use them in the right proportions though- an overly animated website may call for a slower response time and may ultimately turn up to be unruly and annoying.

If you’d like to take a look at how animation effects can lighten up your website this festive season, here’s how:


Promo-pretty Christmas Promotion

‘Tis the season to be jolly- and generous too! Almost all eCom oriented websites out there provide online shoppers with fabulous seasonal perks in the form of freebies, offers and discounts, and if you’re one in the league you’d certainly want to step ahead in the game and give them your best. But it doesn’t end there- in order to make sure that you’ve communicated that your customers are in for a real treat, you need to shout it out to them- for this, you’re going to have to enchant them by splashing words and colours before their eyes, in the form of colourful, captivating banners.

An attractively designed Christmas banner such as this one here would be sure to highlight the festive element on your website:


Well, that’s about some of the things you could do yourself to paint a little seasonal touch to your website- of course, all these wouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of it- let your imagination play wild, there’s a lot of other little touches you can come up with, if you were to ponder over it for a good little while. Anytime you feel like you need a little help in dressing up your website for the festivities and more, do visit us at HTMLSliceMate or drop us a mail on and our guys will be sure to make it look its lovely best.
So that’s about all, folks. Do let us know what your thoughts are, or even better, if you have any other suggestions as to how else you could get your site the seasonal tinge, do put them in the comments section below. Feliz Navidad, may the season’s best be yours! 🙂

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