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Free PSD to HTML Conversion? Definitely a Bad Idea.

Demerits of Free PSD to HTML Converters Online

Sounds juicy right? Imagine a rosy world where all the many PSD files that you have could be converted to their corresponding HTML markups with this really cool software that’s got all the bells and whistles to ignite the code fantasies to give you just what you’ve wanted, how cool is that!

Well, the truth is far from that, my friend. A Utopian fact, as far away from reality as Shangri La could be, wherever that is.

There simply aren’t any shortcuts to obtaining a PSD to HTML conversion as obtained with a software application that works on a set of predefined rules to govern the conversion- each conversion scenario may call for a solution different in itself, as demanded by its design and functionalities. There’s more to it than meets the eye, and we’re going to be telling you everything you’re probably going to bump into, if you decide to take the road less taken and deviate from the usual manual markup methodologies.


The proof is in the pudding- rather, the coding.

As we’d said earlier along, applications claiming to give you PSD to Responsive HTML conversion or PSD to Fixed HTML conversion solutions have its operatives defined by its developers keeping in mind only a finite potential- in a PSD to HTML conversion that demands several higher functionalities, the scope of an automated conversion application wouldn’t be enough. Oftentimes, when someone attempts at an automated conversion like that, there’s a good possibility that they get a very garbled result, leaving them in the dust with a totally unusable deliverable.


Bugs that Byte Bad

In the event that you decide to bite the bullet and go ahead anyway with the free conversion if you can afford the time for it, be prepared for a basketful of bugs. Oftentimes, with its limited scope, the application may encounter exceptions which would ultimately give you a glitch output.


Visibility Lethargic

The codes spun out of an application are only designed to give you free PSD to HTML conversions, and lack any other motive implementation, such as making it SEO friendly. This way, even if you could wiggle through with a free conversion that somewhat worked, you’d stand to lose valuable audience for your enterprise.


No W3C Validation on the Codes

Automated codes as obtained with a free PSD to HTML software by no means provide you with codes that adhere to the W3C standardisation as provided with meticulously hand coded solutions that web developers dedicate their time, clicks and energy to.


Bloated Codes

Oftentimes, the code generated by software applications may come heavily loaded, which may bog the website down when it comes to its application. This may result in other extensive processes such as speed and load optimisations, which would in turn call for a higher time and cost investment.


Stability Issues

The codes generated by a website may have compatibility issues as handled by CSS (Cascaded Style Sheet), which calls for meticulously done up codes bespoke to each code application, which can only be created bespoke by a well seasoned web developer.

Well, as much as you may find a free or even a paid online conversion perhaps to be tempting and bang for buck, we’re really sorry to burst your bubble- the truth is that in spite of all the much and many steps that the digital realms have leaped forward, there’re still the things that need meticulous detail to be done up delightingly, and this here’s one of them. Remember, every time you hire a good developer, you’d be sure to get what you pay for- sparkly functional, bug-smashed, W3C validated codes that do the job perfectly.



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