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2015- The Best Bits and Bytes

2015 in a glance

There goes 2015- The year that was and wasn’t for web developers all over the globe. As a promising new year dawns in the digital horizons, we take a look at the most sizzling bits of each month that made it to the teatime tech talk among developers worldwide:



CSS, the codename for Coolness!

Taking a quick look back at the yesteryears of CSS from the firstlings of the year, you’d be surprised at how much CSS has perked up progressively. A constantly evolving language, CSS has always let developers tinker around with some great beta features. With the advancement of Flexbox, layout manipulation in CSS has been made snap-easy, however, vertical centering still remained a challenging bit. Fortunately, David Walsh has an easy workaround to this, which he shares with us right here.



JCF- Form. Functional. Free.

A powerful tool in aiding cross-browser compatibility, JavaScript Custom Forms or JCF has always found a fond niche in the hearts of Developers. Looking back, this versatile tool that syncs well with almost any other script out there has evolved much to provide versatile functionality in the implementation of website elements such as scrollbars, radio buttons, fields etc. Head right over here on Github to find out how you can give your next web project that well desired JCF coolness.



It’s a lot happening by March, and it’s a brand new WordPress to drool over!

With the major WordPress version 4.2 hanging by the end of the month on the release, developers all around the world waited with bated breaths speculating how the new WordPress is going to fare in terms of the overall ‘feel’, functionality and features. Here’s what to expect as the all new version rolls out and over to the digital spaces, as by WP beginner.



This spring, it’s time to look lively with Flat Design!

Designers all over the world are sure to have discussed Flat Design over a cup of coffee sometime along, surely. Hailed as a ‘classic digital aesthetic’, Flat design has found fond acceptance among designers worldwide on reasons of its simplicity an intuitive feel. If you haven’t put it to action already, take a look here on creativebloq as designer Luke Clum gives you a glimpse on the various trends in Flat Design techniques.



Front-Trends 2015

The advances in front end technologies have always been keenly pursued by developers worldwide- in fact, it has been receiving tremendous updates, so much that it has taken a leading role in the developmental phases of any web project.

This month’s hot talk was the Front Trends 2015, an annual gathering of web, mobile, graphic designers, UI and UX Developers all over the globe that took place at Warsaw, Poland.



Responsive Typography gets all the responsive buzz among devs, this month

It’s a heckish journey from here to the top, when it comes to getting your responsive typography right. The sole main tricky bit could be to get the linear scaling sorted, because much effort and coffee has to be put by and into a developer to get that straightened out. Fortunately, Sass mapping can be made much easier, and this month, here’s where devs are headed to, to find out how it’s done.



PHP South Coast Conference 2015

The highlight of the month was the congregation of developers from all over the world on Portsmouth, United Kingdom who’d come to attend the annual PHP South Coast Conference 2015. The South Coast summit marked to be a platform where communities and individuals in the development scenario all over the world gathered to learn and enlighten others on all things code.



It’s time to strap on some serious development gear- the BootStrap 4 Alpha is here.

Developers all over the world have waited with bated breaths all along the month to have the firstling glimpses of the all new Bootstrap 4. Launched with a host of exciting new features, it has now shifted its operative methods from Less to Sass, offering better mobile integration. For a comprehensive look into the bells and whistles of the all-new BootStrap 4, dive right over here.



Design Dizziness

Yep, we know that sounds odd, but here’s the thing- certain animation effects can create a certain physio-psycho condition known as vestibular disorder, wherein one gets to feel dizzy or nauseous if they were to look at the motion on the screen for much lengths. This could be bad business to you, so we urge developers to head right over to A List Apart and find out what exactly you’d need to clip on when it comes to certain animation effects. As always, our friendly developers are here to hold your hand and see your website across to health, so head right over to where our folks would happily patch it up for you.



The much awaited Sketch update- it’s here.

Packed with a host of new features on all new update, the new Sketch is all set to take the hearts of designers all over the world. Hallmarked as one of the best graphic design impediments utilising the sheer raw graphic prowess of Apple’s hardware, Sketch has already seen much updates in the past, in spite of its rather recent entry. The new Sketch version now features enhanced panning and zooming options, document sharing over a local network and improved Boolean operations. For a comprehensive list of the added and revamped features, head right here.



Drupal drops the Bomb

Last November, developers all over the globe were in for a rough tide when Drupal announced that a highly critical glitch was discovered, and urged all developers to patch it up by updating to the version 7.32. You can read more about the security issue from drupal’s archives, right here.

Now, one year from there, Drupal has proudly announces the launch of its version 8.0 (The 8.0.2 stands to be the latest now, as we speak). The newer version features better performance out of the box, and offers better customisation of content and administrative pages, forms and much more. Here’s where you can read all about the cool new things in the Drupal 8.0.



dotCSS 2015- the largest CSS event in the Europe

Developers all over the world, especially Europe, flocked to the dotCSS convention that was held at Paris this time to discover and debate on the various aspects of CSS. The event highlighted as a congregation of some famous names in the industry, and had some really impressive informative sessions.

Well, the other highlight of the month that developers all over the world jumped up and down in joy at, that was of course that well earned time off during this festive season that they spent in the happy company of their loved ones. HTMLSliceMate hopes that you made your time count, this festive season 🙂

So that’s it from us this time, we hope that you had a great year in what 2015 had for you, and hope that there’s more in what 2016 has to offer. If you think we’d missed out on something as we’d rounded up the year, do ping up, drop in a comment below and we’d love to hear what it was, be it any thoughts at all. On that code, oops, note, it’s time to say goodbye till the next post, have a great year ahead of you! Peace.


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